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 Fundraising Events

Thank you for thinking about hosting a fundraising event for OAFB! From BBQs to Garage Sales, Golf Tournaments to Galas, no event is too big or too small.

Fundraising events held by partners in our community help spread awareness about hunger in Ontario and allow us to continue to support our 120 food banks that maintain 1,100 hunger relief programs and serve over 400,000 individuals every month!

Below are some event ideas, as well as tips on how to start organizing your event and make it the most successful, positive experience it can be. We are happy to assist you in planning your event any way we can.

For information about events, please contact Carolyn Stewart, Acting Director (416) 656-4100 Ext. 2935 or email

Perfect Event Idea

Raise funds for food by recycling unwanted electronics with Greentec - Think Recycle!

The sun shines bright and spring has now sprung in Canada and along with it the pressing need to clean out garages, basements and desk drawers.  Thousands, if not millions of pounds of unwanted electronics will soon see the light of day, but how and where?  With the Greentec-Think Recycle solution it's a win-win for the environment and the community!

 In operation since 1995, based locally in Ontario and an Approved Primary Processor for the Ontario Electronics Stewardship Program (OES) holding, Recycling Qualification Office Approval, ISO 14001 Certification and Ministry of the Environment Approval, please call us today to help with your fundraising needs. 

Ever wondered what to do with your unwanted TV, Computer, Cell phone, old stereo? You are not alone. Greentec will set your Food Bank up as an OES Generator and will provide monetary incentives and all you need to promote, collect and ship! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Many Municipalities charge a fee for proper recycling for both residents and businesses. Success is as simple as raising awareness on another way to donate. This unique and innovative way of fundraising allows the community to give back in more ways than one, making the donation and electronics recycling process accessible to everyone. 

Not only will you be earning funds for your organization, you'll be protecting the environment (and showcasing your social responsibility). For every 24 Qualifying Products collected, as listed on our Environmental Fundraising Program's website, we will donate the funds to Tree Canada to have one tree planted on behalf of your food bank. To date, over 60,000 trees have been planted through our partnerships with Tree Canada and American Forests.

Greentec is very proud to help thousands of charities, not-for-profits, schools and organizations across North America in achieving their fundraising and environmental goals. The Regina Food Bank has raised over $25,000 and Todd Sandin has been absolutely amazing in ensuring the ongoing success of their efforts. Also, new to Greentec's Collection Partners is the Durham Region Food Bank. With a little promotion their first bin is almost full. They are now planning for a May collection event to really drive awareness! Thank you to Julien and his team for their outstanding environmental efforts.

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